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Top 5 places to visit in Northern Israel

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Assembling a list of the best top 5 places to visit in Northern Israel is almost impossible.

Nevertheless, we in Holy Land VIP Tours managed to come up with the list of the most recommended one.

Our list for the top 5 places to visit in Northern Israel includes the sites that everyone should visit in the Holy Land!

This list will introduce you to the amazing and the most recommended places to visit in Northern Israel.

If you’re looking for an example of northern Israel to give you some amazing insights into this incredible region, check our day tour to the region of Haifa.

So without further words, behold our list for the top 5 places to include during your visit to Northern Israel!

1. Nazareth – Visit the Hometown of Christ

We begin our list for top 5 places to visit in Northern Israel with the city of Nazareth.

This city is the capital of the Northern District of Israel and the largest one in the region.

The majority of the city’s population are Muslim with an exciting Christian minority.

This holy place hold a great significance for our Christian Faith as being the place where Christ was raised.

When visiting the city make sure to visit following churches:

  • The Church of the Annunciation – the largest Catholic church in the Middle East which marks the site where the Archangel Gabriel announced the future birth of the son of god to the Virgin (Luke 1:26–31).
  • The Church of St. Gabriel – the alternative site for the Annunciation according to the Greek tradition.
  • The Synagogue Church – Greek Catholic Church which is located at the traditional site of the synagogue where Jesus preached
  • The St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church marks the traditional location for the workshop of Saint Joseph.
  • The Church of Our Lady of the Fright (Roman Catholic) marks the spot where Mary is said to have seen Jesus being taken to a cliff by the congregation of the synagogue

Moreover, make sure to visit the Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent and the Anglican Church of Christ.

2. Acre

Acre, also known as Akko, is a coastal city in northern Israel, located in the extremity of Haifa-Bay.

The city occupies an important location, as it sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city has a rich history with influence of many cultures such as: Romans, Turks, Muslims, and Crusaders.

When visiting Akko make sure to visit the following:

  • The old Town of Acre
  • Acre’s local market and the Turkish Bazaar
  • The citadel and the Crusader fortress
  • The Templar’s tunnels
  • The Baha’i gardens of Acre – a beautiful garden dedicated to the Bahá’í Religion.

3. Haifa

We continue our list for top 5 places to visit in Israel with the third largest city in Israel – Haifa.

This port city, located on the slope of Mount Carmel, traces it’s origins all the way to the late Bronze age.

Over the history, the city was shaped by many civilizations including the Canaanites, Hebrews, Persians, Ottomans and Europeans granting its diverse culture and landscape.

When visiting Haifa, the following sites are recommended:

  • The Baha’i gardens – A sacred gardens to the Baha’i faith overlooking the bay of Haifa.
  • The German colony – The beautiful neighborhood which was built by the German Templers.
  • Cave of Elija – A cave where god talked to the prophet Elija according to the Old Testament and the Hebrew bible.
  • St. John chapel – An Anglican Neo-Gothic church which was built in 1935.
  • Stella Maris Light house and the Carmelite monastery
  • Daliat el Carmel – A small town which offers a glimpse on the culture and Tradition of the Druze People.

4. The Wedding church at Cana

The Franciscan Wedding church is the name of a Catholic church in the town of Kfar Cana in the lower Galilee.

This church is believed to be the place where our Lord and savior performed his famous miracle of turning water into wine.

A must see attraction for every Christian, especially for those who willing to renew their wedding vows.

5.  The Sea of Galilee

Our number five which concludes our list for the recommended places to visit in Northern Israel is the heart of the Galilee – The Sea of Galilee.

This freshwater lake which provides Israel’s water supply holds great significance to our Christian faith.

This place is where the most of the ministry of Jesus occurred.

When visiting the Sea of Galilee, except swimming in it’s refreshing water, we recommend you to walk through Jesus’ Trail.

In addition, this trail connects the following landmarks which every Christian should definitely visit:

  • Capernaum national Park – An ancient village which is located in the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee.
  • Mount tabor and the Church of Transfiguration – the place where the transfiguration of the Messiah occurred, according to the belief.
  • Mount of Beatitudes – where Jesus gave the famous “Sermon on the Mount”.
  • Tabgha and the church of Multiplication – the site where Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish.
  • Kursi National Park – the traditional place where Jesus performed exorcism on two possessed men (Matthew 8:28-33).
  • Bethsaida – the birthplace of the apostles St. Peter, St. Andrew and St. Philip.
  • A boat ride across the Sea Of Galilee is a must .

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