What tours are you offering?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

We offer Private, Luxurious, and Christian tour around the Land of Israel, Palestinian West Bank, and Jordan.

Is Israel a good place for vacationing Christians?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

Israel is not only a good place for vacationing Christians, but its a must!

After all, this is the Holy Land, where Christ and his Apostles had once walked.

Here, Christianity was born, and all the stories you have been hearing in the Holy Bible actually occurred around this place.

You can visit many sacred places in Israel, from Christ’s hometown in Nazareth to the Holy City of Jerusalem where our Lord was crucified, buried and resurrected.

What is the perfect length of time for a Holy Land Tour?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

There is no limited time for our Tours.

Each tour is tailored according to your needs and desires.

Our dedicated Christian Tour guides are ready to take the mission of guiding you any time, for as long as you will need.

We offer Private Day tours as well as Tour Packages of 5 to 14 Days.

Of Course, if you want, we can provide you with an even longer tour package.

Just contact us and let us know how long do you planning to stay in the Holy Land.

Is it safe to Travel Israel?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

Absolutely, it’s safer than any other place in the World.

When is the best time for a Holy Land tour, taking weather into account?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

You will always find what to do in the Holy Land.

Nevertheless, during March, April, May, June, September, October and November you will find the weather the most plausible for touring.

December and January are also recommended if you want to experience Christmas in the Holy Land.

What about Hotels? Can I stay in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for the whole duration of the tour?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

Usually, we recommend our visitors to stay in Jerusalem.

In some cases, we may recommend you to accommodate hotels in different places around the Holy Land.

The area of those hotels will be mostly determined by the areas which your tour will cover.

You can read the following article about the best luxury Hotels around Israel, to get some information about Hotels around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, The Land of Galilee and Mitzpe Ramon.

What kind of vehicles do you offer during the Tours?2019-10-02T17:26:49+03:00

All types of cars: From a new car 4 passengers car to a Luxurious SUV/ minivan for 7 passengers and finally Modern minibus for 14 passengers and bus up to 62 passengers.

The vehicles will accompany you for the whole duration of the Private tour.