6 Days Holy Land Tour Package

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This package is for those who want to experience the most of what Holy Land has to offer in under a week!

We combined in this special tour package the beautiful North, a substantial time period in Jesus's life as well as Jerusalem, Bethlehem & Jericho. The birthplace and Crucifixion of Jesus.

Along with our dedicated Christian tour guide, this Christian Pilgrimage tour package offers you the opportunity to experience the Holy Land in a unique way.

Our Christian guides will dive into the stories of the holy bible while you will visit holy sites.

Moreover, all of the tours in this package are private - only you and your companions!

The package includes many special activities that will enhance your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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The 2 first days will be devoted to exploring the beautiful Galilee – where most of Jesus’ ministry occurred.

The Private tours will be held by one of our devoted and licensed Christian Tour guides.

  • As early as 6:30 am we will begin our drive up north to Nazareth (2.5 hours drive each way).
  • We will have Breakfast on the way, but it will be a shortstop, as we want to try to avoid the heavy morning traffic as possible as we can.
  • Our first stop will be at the City of Nazareth, the childhood town of Christ, we will visit the Church of Annunciation (the  House of Mary where the Angel appeared and announced the coming of Christ.
  • We will conduct a special Boat Ride Around the Sea of Galilee. In this very unique experience, you will have a ride on a boat similar to the ones Jesus used (optional).
  • Later that day, after enjoying lunch we will visit the Church of the Beatitudes: The location of the astonishing “Sermon on the Mount”.
  • Spend the night at Tiberias.
  • During the next day, we will visit the Church of Multiplication: the miracle of the Fish and Loaf.
  • Later, visit Capernaum (Jesus Town): Last 3 years of Jesus’ life, where the Lord started his ministry – finding the disciples – St. Peter house – The Synagogue where Jesus preached.
  • Visit Cana Wedding Church – where Jesus turned water into wine, and conduct a special wedding vows renewal ceremony.

We will spend those two days visiting as many possible places as we can. We will visit some of the most important Christian sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

During this day, we will also enjoy breakfasts and lunch in local traditional restaurants. It is also possible to include during this day a special food tasting experience in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market.

  • We will start the day with a helicopter tour above the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
  • After landing, we will continue the Private tour to the city of Bethlehem – the birthplace of Christ. This will include a visit to the Nativity Church, the birthplace of Jesus, and Manger Square, the iconic City square of Bethlehem.
  • We will also visit the nearby Shepherds’ field Chapel, where the Angel appeared to the Shepard’s’ announcing the Birth of Jesus.
  • From there, we will ascend to the Famous Mount of Olives which will grant us a panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem: Explaining the History of Jerusalem as of 18th Century BC until today.
  • Discover The Chapel of the Ascension: where Jesus ascended to heaven.
  • Pater Noster: Where the Lord taught his disciples “the Lord’s Prayer”.
  • Dominus Flevit: Where Jesus wept and prophesized the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • Church of all Nations “Gethsemane”: Last night of Jesus, where he was betrayed by Judas of Kiriath.
  • Visit the tomb and Church of the Virgin Mary, located at the bottom of the mount.
  • Usually, at that part we will finish the 3rd day and go back to the hotel, resting and preparing for the next day. Note that time may differ as a result of time and your will.
  • Walk the Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross): Walk the 14 stations from where Jesus was condemned till Crucifixion and Resurrection (Christian and Muslim Quarter’s – Holy Sepulcher Church).
  • Visit the Jewish QTR and the Western Wall (the Holiest Sites for the Jews).
  • Walk to Mt. Zion for a visit to King David’s Tomb and to the room of the Last Supper.
  • St. Peter in Gallicantu Church: The high priest “Caiafa’s” house, where Jesus was imprisoned, and where Peter denied Jesus 3 times.

During the day of the tour in Jericho and Qumran, we will enjoy the Judaean desert, visiting some of the most ancient places in the world.

  • Jericho: the Oldest City in the World –  Enjoy Mt. of Temptation View.
  • Continue to Qumran National Site: The place where the Dead Sea Scrolls where found.
  • Optional in Qumran: Ahava Shopping (moisturizing Dead Sea mineral body lotions, anti-aging skincare, sun care, men’s skincare products & foot and hand creams, etc.)
  • Visit the Jorden River – Baptismal site and Church. Optional Baptism ceremony at the site.
  • Go back to Jerusalem for dinner and to spend the night.
  • We start the tour in Jaffa, which is possibly the world’s oldest port city, inhabited in the Early Bronze Age and is mentioned four times in the Hebrew Bible and new testament.
  • Visit the Church of Saint Peter.
  • Visit the house of Simon the Tanner, the city square, and the many galleries of Jaffa.
  • Walk on Tel Aviv’s beach promenade and visit Tel Aviv’s iconic neighborhood.

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Special Activities

Christian Wedding Vow Renewal

Christian Wedding Vow Renewal

Commemorate a love with your special one

Christian Wedding Vow Renewal

There is no better place to celebrate your love, other than the Holy Land in a special ceremony

Sea of Galilee Boat ride | Holy Land VIP Tours

Sea of Galilee

A special boat ride exploring the mighty Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Take a breathtaking spiritual Galilee journey – sailing on a wooden boat. This sail provides a spiritual experience you will never forget

private river jordan baptism tour

Private Jordan River Baptism

Baptize in the same river as Jesus Christ

Private Jordan River Baptism

The Jordan River is a must-visit place for any visitor or pilgrim. Baptize in the same place where Jesus Christ was firstly baptized

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