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The Following 4 days Holy Land Tour package is tailored for our Christian audience who seeks to visit the most Iconic landmarks and Holy sites.

It includes a visit to the Major important cities for the Christian world, including Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Sea of Galilee. Additionally, we included some of our special activities to create you the best Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Similarly to all of our Day tours and Tour packages, all the tours in this package will be led by one of our dedicated Christian tour guides. Thus, you will be able to dive into the depth of the Biblical story in addition to his professional knowledge as a licensed Tour guide. Arrival and Departure days weren’t included in this package but it is possible to add additional tours and activities, depends on the time.

All 3 nights will be spent in one of Jerusalem’s Hotel.

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  • Begin the day with a drive from the Holy city of Jerusalem towards the magnificent North.
  • Stop in Nazareth, the hometown of our Lord Jesus.
  • Visit the Annunciation Church and Mary’s well.
  • Discover the Church of Saint Joseph.
  • Continue towards the Sea of Galilee and the city of Tiberias.
  • Enjoy an approximate 45 mins of an unforgettable boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.
  • Continue for a visit to the Boat Chapel.
  • Visit Capernaum, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Bread of Life.
  • Return to Jerusalem.
  • Begin the day with a drive to the City of Bethlehem, crossing to the West Bank.
  • Visit the Nativity Church, the birthplace of Jesus and Manger Square.
  • Optional: Souvenir shopping from Christian families – Olive wood Christmas Nativities (very popular) – Jerusalem wooden or diamond crosses.
  • Visit The Shepard’s Field: Where the Angel appeared to the Shepard’s’ announcing the Birth of Jesus.
  • Ascend to the Famous Mount of Olives which will grant us a panoramic view of the Old City of Jerusalem: Explaining the History of Jerusalem as of 18th Century BC until today.
  • Discover The Chapel of the Ascension: where Jesus ascended to heaven.
  • Visit Pater Noster: Where the Lord taught his disciples “the Lord’s Prayer” and Dominus Flevit: Where Jesus wept and prophesized the destruction of Jerusalem.
  • Explore the Gardens of “Gethsemane” and the Church of all Nations, where Jesus spent his last night, and where he was betrayed by Judas of Kiriath.
  • Visit the tomb and Church of the Virgin Mary, located at the bottom of the mount.
  • Descend towards the Dead Sea – the lowest Sea in the world.
  • Stop at Jericho: the Oldest City in the World.
  • Enjoy a Bedouin Hospitality experience and Camel Riding.
  • Enjoy the view of the Dead Sea and Jericho from the famous Mount of Temptation – where Jesus was tempted by the Devil.
  • Visit the Jordan River – Baptismal site (Qasr al-Yahud) and attend a baptism ceremony in the river.
  • Continue to Qumran Caves – where the famous Dead Sea scrolls were unraveled.
  • Hike in Wadi Qelt towards the Monastery of Saint George of Choziba.
  • Begin the Day with a Helicopter flight to get an overview of Jerusalem from above.
  • Drive to Mt. Zion for a visit to the room of the Last Supper and Tomb of King David.
  • Discover the St. Peter in Gallicantu Church and The high priest “Caiafa’s” house, where Jesus was imprisoned, and where Peter had denied Jesus three times.
  • Walk the Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross): Walk the 14 stations from the place where Jesus was condemned to Crucifixion all the way to the place of his Crucifixion, burial and later Resurrection.
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the last station of the cross the mainly agreed site of Jesus’ burial and resurrection.
Sea of Galilee Boat ride | Holy Land VIP Tours

Sea of Galilee

A special boat ride exploring the mighty Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Take a breathtaking spiritual Galilee journey – sailing on a wooden boat. This sail provides a spiritual experience you will never forget

Bedouin Hospitality Experience

Bedouin Hospitality Experience

Experience an authentic Bedouin hospitality

Bedouin Hospitality Experience

The Bedouins, residents of the desert, are famous for their hospitality. Experience a new culture and their unique hospitality

Camel ride

Camel Riding

A unique way to to explore the desert

Camel Riding

Explore the Israeli desert in an unforgettable way – Camel riding is not only fun but easy and suitable for all people

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