Christian Holy Land Tours that are led by a local Christian tour guide are the best ways to experience the Holy Land.

The Land of Israel and Palestine is the home of many historical sites of the Christian faith.

Needless to say that one of the reasons derives from the fact that the Holy Land is the birthplace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In addition, it is also the home of many important churches built in the name of our saints.

One who seeks to visit the Holy Land might wonder what are the recommended Christian holy land tours of 2021?

Our answer is very simple!

Read our list for the best Christian Holy Land tour attractions and destinations of 2021!

1 The Old City in Jerusalem

We recommend all Christian tourists to start their visitation in the old city of Jerusalem.

Walkthrough the Via Dolorosa, visit the Armenian and Christian quarters and enjoy its churches.

Also, don’t forget to visit the famous Temple Mount.

In addition, every true devoted Christian should visit the “Cenacle”, also known as the Upper Room.

This special room is located near David’s Tomb.

It is the very same room where Jesus had his last Passover meal before his crucifixion. The house of the High Priest Caiaphas located inside the church of St Peter in Gallicantu is a great place to visit with an awesome lookout.

Our Christian tour in Jerusalem actually covers this part of the city, so we recommend you to read more about it in this article.

2 Mount Olives in Jerusalem

Afterward, you should proceed to Mount Olives – Amount where several key events in the life of Jesus took place as depicted in the Gospels, including his ascension to heaven.

The major Christian sites in the mount we recommend you to visit are:

  • The Chapel of the Ascension
  • Church of Pater noster
  • Garden of Gethsemane
  • Church of All nations
  • The Virgin’s Tomb

We offer a special Christian day tour in Mount Olives. Read more about this holy land tour in this article.

3 Nazareth – the childhood home of Jesus

We continue our list of Christian holy land tours with the city of Nazareth.

Christ had spent his childhood in Nazareth which makes this city a very significant place for Christianity.

The city is located in the northern district of Israel, not far from Haifa.

The city is known as “the Arab capital of Israel” and it serves as the capital and the largest city in the Northern District of Israel.

Thousands of Christian pilgrims visit the town each year for the many Christian attractions located there.

When visiting Nazareth you should definitely visit the Church of the Annunciation and Mary’s well.

Both sites are located near the place where the holy Virgin’s house once stood.

Also, you should pay your visit to St. Joseph’s Church, which is built over the carpentry workshop of the husband of the Virgin Mary, Joseph.

Click here to learn more information about our Christian day tour in Nazareth.

4  Bethlehem – Where the Messiah was born

Not far from Jerusalem, across the Palestinian-Israeli border lies the city of Bethlehem.

Crossing the border requires you to bring your passports so don’t forget them.

This small Palestinian town holds a very long history of being the birthplace of Christ.

Make sure you visit the Church of the Nativity, the oldest church in the Holy Land.

The church was built by the Byzantines on the site which is believed to be the birthplace of the beloved Son of God.

Also, it is highly recommended to visit Bethlehem during Christmas and during the feast of Saint George for the town’s big festivals during this time of the year.

5 Sea of Galilee – a site of miracles

The “Sea of Galilee” is a freshwater lake located near the city of Tiberius in Northern Israel.

This small lake is very important for the Christian faith as it is the site where the Messiah performed his best-known miracles.

Such miracles include his walking on water, calming the storm, and feeding the multitude.

There are many Christian Holy Land Tours available in the area but we particularly recommend you to walk the Jesus Trail.

According to the belief, Christ used to walk through this trail which makes it a pilgrimage site for all Christians.

In addition, you can take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee – a spiritual activity for the whole family feeling the waves and wind and cleansing your soul.

6 Jericho and Jordan River Baptism – Cleanse your soul

Located near the Jordan River, Jericho is a very ancient city.

Its oldest ruins are those of a settlement dating to 8000 years before the birth of Christ.

It was here in Jericho that the Lord Jesus gave Bartimaeus back his sight and converted the rich Zacchaeus, performing for both his ministry of the Good Shepherd.

When visiting Jericho make sure you pay a visit to the Franciscan Church of the Good Shepherd and the Monastery of St. George which is located west of the city.

In addition to the city, we recommend you to visit the bank of the Jordan River.

The west bank of the Jordan river is commonplace for pilgrimages in memory of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

We recommend all Christian pilgrimages to cleanse, both body and soul, by performing a baptizing in the water of the river.

Since Bethlehem and Jericho are so important for Christians, we have a special full-day tour that covers both cities – led by our licensed Christian guide. Learn more about this opportunity here.

7 Mount Tabor – The transfiguration of Christ

Located in Lower Galilee west of the Sea of Galilee, Mount Tabor is an important place to visit during a Christian Holy land tour.

It is believed by many Christians to be the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus, although Mount Hermon has also been proposed.

During your Mount Tabor tour, visit the Franciscan Church of the Transfiguration which is located on the peak of the mount.

The famous architect Antonio Barluzzi designed the modern Church.

It was built on the ruins of a Crusader church from the 12th century.

The church is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus event.

In addition to the Church, you should visit the Eastern Orthodox monastery.

We offer a Christian Galilee tour the takes you to Mount Tabor. You can read more about this experience here.

8 Mount Carmel and the Carmelite Catholic Order

Visit Mount Carmel which is located in Northern Israel near the city of Haifa.

The mount is believed to be the location where the prophet Elijah challenged the Pagan prophets of the Ba’al God as depicted in the Old Testament(1 Kings 18:16-45).

Also, the honorable Catholic religious order, Carmelites, was founded on Mount Carmel in the 12th century.

When climbing Mount Carmel by the funicular, we recommend you to visit Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery.

In addition, you should visit Elijah’s Cave.

According to the old testament, this cave was the place where Elijah was summoned to appear before God.

9 Taybeh – The last all Christian community of Palestine

Taybeh is a Palestinian village located in the West Bank.

This place is also very important for Christians because it was where Jesus retired with his disciples after Lazarus’ resurrection.

This town is the last all-Christian community in the West Bank.

We recommend you to visit the Church of St George which – a 4th century Byzantine Church.

This small Christian community is very special for its Ecumenism society of Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Greek Catholic communities.

Check our article about our tour in Ramallah that also takes you to Taybeh.

10 Cana and the Wedding Church

Visit Cana Wedding Church, the traditional site where the prophet performed his first public miracle at the wedding.

Cana is the place where Christ performed his first miracle when he turned a large quantity of water into wine.

The wedding Church located in the modern town of Kfar Kana was built in honor of the event.

Christian couples can renew their Wedding vows there – a very recommended holy act that will fuel your marriage.