Before a visit to the Holy Land, some people may wonder, what are the 5 best archaeological Sites in Southern Israel to visit?

The Holy Land has been home to many civilizations throughout the history tracing human existence back 1 million years ago.

The beautiful south of the Holy Land is home to many archeological excavation parks.

That includes town ruins that are related to the Nabatean civilization, with many of them having a connection to the Christian world.

Including all of the best archeological sites in Southern Israel is almost impossible as there are so many.

Nevertheless, we chose the 5 places we recommend you to include during your visit to the holy land.

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So, what are the 5 best Archaeological Sites in Southern Israel?

  1. Masada

    The ancient fort of Masada is one of Israel’s most popular tourist attractions and our first recommendation for the best Archaeological Sites in southern Israel.
    The fort stands on top of an isolated rock plateau, in the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the dead sea.
    The siege of Masada by the Roman Empire at the end of the great Jewish rebellion ended in the mass suicide of 960 Sicarii rebels and their families who were hiding there. You can climb the mount either by foot or by the cable car.
    For more about Masada Fortress here

  2. Shivta

    Shivta is an ancient Nabatean town on the ancient spice route in the Negev Desert of Israel, southwest of Beersheba. Archaeologists have recenetly discovered the possibility that Shivta was a Byzantine agricultural colony.
    According to their study, it served as a station for pilgrims en route to the Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai.
    At the site, you will find Three Byzantine churches, two wine-presses, residential areas, and administrative buildings have been excavated at Shivta.

  3. Qumran

    Israel’s Qumran National Park is a very unique archeological site in the Holy Land.
    It is best known as the settlement nearest to the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
    The limestone cliffs above Qumran contain numerous caves that have been used over the millennia. the first traces of occupation are from the Chalcolithic period then onward to the Arab period.

  4. Mamshite

    During the Nabataean period, Mamshite served as an important station on Incense Road.
    Although the city covers only ten acres, it is the best-restored city in the Negev region.
    The site features once-luxurious houses, unusual in their architecture. Also, it is good to mention that such special architecture style is not found in any other Nabataean city.
    The reconstructed city provides the visitor with a sense of life in the ancient town. Entire streets have survived including a large group of Nabataean buildings with open rooms, courtyards, and terraces.

  5. Avdat

    Our final site for the list of the 5 best Archaeological Sites in southern Israel is Avdat – a Nabatean City in the Negev.
    It is located on a mountain ridge in the center of the Negev highlands.
    Many artifacts were discovered at the site, including tens of inscriptions which greatly contribute to our knowledge of the city’s history and culture.

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