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Many tourists are looking for getting from Jerusalem to Hebron every year.

Nevertheless, sometimes it may sound like an intimidating task for some people.

This is true especially for those who have never visited the Holy Land before.

So why do tourists in the Holy Land looking for a visit to Hebron?

Well, this ancient city, in the southern West Bank, is an important place for Muslims and Jewish.

It is the traditional burial place of the Biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their wives.

As a result, it has a religious significance for the Abrahamic religions -, especially for Jews and Muslims.

Although Christianity is an Abrahamic religion, Christians haven’t paid as much attention to it as the Jews and the Muslims did.

transport in Israel | How to get to Hebron

Transport in Israel | How to get to Hebron

When visiting Hebron, you might want to look for the Cave of the Patriarchs.

According to the old testament and the Hebrew Bible, it is the actual burial site of the patriarchs 

Hebron is also home to many other notable places such as Abraham’s well, the Tomb of Jesse and Ruth and many other sites related to biblical stories.

On the first hand, the most preferable and used method is taking a private day tour in Hebron.

This method provides you with the advantages of a guided private tour and a convenient mean of transport.

On the other hand, some folks may prefer using public transport to save the costs of the trip.

Gladly, we in Holy Land VIP Tours prepared you a list of the available methods for reaching Hebron.

Private Tour from Jerusalem to Hebron

For those who are looking to explore Hebron, joining a Private or Organized tour is probably the most recommend method for making the journey.

Private Tour from Jerusalem to Hebron is in fact, though not the cheapest, is the most convenient way available to make the trip.

With a Private tour to Hebron, you will be able to truly explore the city with comfortable and luxurious transportation.

In our Christian tour to Hebron, with our Christian guide, you will be able to discover the famous city in both enriching and spiritual experience.

You will visit the most famous sites in the city including the Church of Annunciation, the St. Joseph’s Church, Jesus trail and many other sacred sites.

Additionally, we offer many private tours to the region of northern Israel which include Hebron.

For example, one of the most notable tours which we recommend for this type of journey our tour in Bethlehem & Hebron.

Since Hebron is not a big city, a combined tour in at least 2 cities is the best option to visit the area.

Getting from Jerusalem to Hebron by a public Bus

Before a visit to Hebron by a public bus, you should consider first where you are trying to reach.

Today, due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Hebron is a split city and divided into  two parts:

H1 section is entirely Palestinian and under full Palestinian control.

Meanwhile, section H2 contains mostly Jews and smaller Arab population which is under full Israeli control.

The Cave of the Patriarchs, the main attraction you will be visiting probably, is on the border between H1 and H2.

If you are visibly Jewish, it is probably not safe to travel unaccompanied to the “other” side of Hebron.

However, if you look and sound like an international tourist, you should be fine on both sides.

Getting from Jerusalem to the Jewish side

Egged, operate a direct bus line between Jerusalem and the Jewish side of Hebron.

From Jerusalem, you will have to take bus 381 or 383 from the central bus station.

The final stop is in front of the Cave of the Patriarchs on the Jewish side, making it the best way to reach the cave.

Getting from Jerusalem to the Palestinian side

From Jerusalem, take bus 21 from the Sultan Suleiman bus station just outside the Damascus gate.

Tell the driver you are trying to reach Hebron or Al-Khalil, and he will drop you off at Bethlehem bus Station.

From there, proceed to the bottom floor, where you will find servees – the Palestinian version of the “Sherut” shared taxis.

They will be able to take to Hebron for a very small fare but make sure to get a fixed price before getting on the taxi.

Also, arriving at the Jewish Kiryat Arba, you can walk directly into the Palestinian part of Hebron.

We recommend you to consult Google Maps for the best method for reaching your destination.

However, taking the short ride with the Egged bus might be more convenient for coming there the first time.

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