The State of Israel is a relatively new government, which however has years of rich history, going back centuries ago.

The long history of the Land of Israel stretches back to the dawn of human civilization.

It experienced invasions from almost every Old World empires, including Persians, Romans and even British.

It is also the birthplace of many religions, mainly Judaism and Christianity.

So, if you are traveling on your own, with a partner or with a group of people up to ten, you may want to consider a Christian private tour guide Israel service.

Our Licensed and Christian tour guides will allow you to experience the Holy Land in the most suitable way for you and your family.

Hence, the benefits of a Christian private tour guide are obvious – travel at your own pass, visit your preferred sites and enjoy the full attention of your private tour guide.

Benefits of the Christian Tour Guide in Israel

  • Flexibility – Your own pace, your own plan. Just like traveling alone, but with professional dedicated guidance.
  • Hustle free experience – While traveling with the Christian Private Tour Guide you will be traveling light and worry-free. Also, no long drives and hours spent looking for a car park.
  • A unique personal Holy Land experience – Thus, a dedicated private tour guide will interact with you, to create your own Holy Land Tour plan according to your taste and needs.
  • Maximum personal safety – The most dangerous thing in Israel is… Traffic. Yet traveling with a local, experienced Israeli tour guide will make it even safer.
  • Besides, on the road, during visits to places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, etc., you will enjoy the knowledge of a local guide who knows the right rules of behavior.

A Private Tour in the Via Dolorosa with a Professional Christian tour Guide

The Landmarks on a Private Tour

Hence, with our Christian private tour guides, you will visit and discover the important places for Christian religion formation.

The tour covers important landmarks and places in the life of Jesus and early Christianity.

Additionally, you will get unforgettable experience visiting places such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Mount of Olives; with their churches, St. Mary Magdalene Church, Church of St. Anne, the Church of the Nativity, etc.

So, when you are ready to embrace all the greatness of the ancient history and the secrets of Christianity, join us with the Christian Private Tour Guide Israel service!

All the Christian fellows are more than welcome to start a journey with us!

Experience the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine with a Christian Private Tour Guide!

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