When planning a holy land tour in 2019, in addition to the guided tours, you may want to include some special activities in order to make your visit unforgettable.

In the following list, we have included you the best activities to include during a Holy Land tour in 2019.

1# – Taking a Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee

There is no better way to Experience the Holy Land then taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.

Located in the Galilee region in Israel, this freshwater lake is a true geographical marvel.

Moreover, the Sea of Galilee and the region around is also the location of much of our Lord’s ministry as depicted in the Gospels.

Therefore, a Boat Ride on the waves of these holy water is a remarkable experience for Christian visitors to Holy Land.

When taking a boat ride during our Holy Land Tours, our Christian tour guides will accompany you during the experience, thus providing you with information about the sights you will see.

Additional information: Sea of Galilee Boat ride Service

2# – Enjoy Christian Authentic Dinner in Bethlehem

The Holy Land has so much to offer: from Holy Sites to famous Landmarks.

You will probably try to maximize every day and focus the day on touring, going from place to place.

But what about the evenings? How are you going to spend them?

Every great day of touring in the Holy Land must end with a great meal.

Enjoy a Christian Authentic Dinner with a local Arab Christian family in the city of Bethlehem.

Although the local restaurants offer a wide range of Cuisine, enjoying a home-made dinner, made by the local families is an experience you won’t find in the restaurant.

3# – Enjoy a Jeep ride on the Rocky terrain of the Golan Heights

When you go on a Golan Height Jeep Tour, you will be able to experience the most remote places in the Holy Land, where the paved roads stop!

During the Jeep Tour, you will ride into the depths of the beautiful region of the Golan Heights, going further than most of the visitors to the Holy Land.

You will drive along the valleys and hills through the dirt tracks, which passes through streams, Orchards, small villages, groves, and even long-extinct Volcanos.

The Jeep Tour is recommended for families and individuals alike!

Additional information: Golan Heights Jeep tour

4# – Enjoy a Bedouine Familiy Hospitality

Discover the Bedouine people and learn about their culture in a unique experience.

During this experience, you will meet a Bedouine family in their home, sit with them and learn about their culture.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy their famous Black coffee and Bedouine Pita, which are made on unique stone stoves.

This is the best way to spice your Holy Land Tour with some Middle Eastern Culture.

5# – Follow the footsteps of Jesus in the Via Dolorosa

We recommend our Christian audience to visit the Via Dolorosa in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Walking the same way our Lord Jesus walked towards his death saving humanity is something every Pilgrimage tour to the Holy Land should include.

Along the Via Dolorsa you will find the Forteen stations of the Cross: starting at the place where he was condemed to death and finishing at his burial place inside the Holy Sepulcher Church.

Only with a licensed and Christian tour guide, you will be truly able to dive deep into the stories of the Bible.

This experience will provide the spiritual part of your Holy Land Pilgrimage, so make sure not to miss it.

Watch Daniel Sahwani, our CEO and Leading tour guide, during a Christian tour in the Via Dolorsa.