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With its incredible history, visceral faith, and stunning beauty, the Holy Land is a country like no other and a destination of a lifetime. Here are some of the most beautiful places you can find there.

Temple Mount

Located in the Southeast of Jerusalem’s Old City, this is known as the spot where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac ( Genesis 22:1-19 ).

This is where the Ark of the Covenant was located, where King Solomon built the first temple in 950 BC, and the site of many of Jesus’ teachings. The site stands out for the glowing gold Dome of the Rock, and the Western Wall (“Wailing Wall”) is the remaining portion of the temple as it stood in Jesus’ time. This spectacular attraction is a must even in this city of musts.

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Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Golan Heights and Mount Hermon

The site of Israel’s only ski resort, as well as the country’s top-quality wine producer in Golan Heights Winery, this stunning North East corner of the country, is mentioned in Psalm 133. It is possible that the Transfiguration took place on the slopes of Mount Hermon, as Jesus and his disciples were previously noted to be in the “region of Caesarea Philippi”, which sits at the base of Mount Hermon. The crisp air and change of scenery offer a view of the diversity of this country.

Tank in the Golan Height | Holy Land VIP Tours

Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe is the Hebrew word for “lookout”, and what a lookout it is. Perched on the edge of the Ramon Crater, this quirky town will charm its way into your heart. Whether checking out the boutique stores and jazz clubs of the Spice Route Quarter, rappeling in the desert, or barreling in a jeep through the Grand Canyon of Israel, dodging camels and leaping into secret springs, this town will leave you with unforgettable memories.


This ancient mountaintop fortress overlooking the Dead Sea is a highlight of many Holy Land tours. The isolated rock plateau on the edge of the Judean Desert, this is also the fortress built by Herod where survivors of the 70 AD uprising against Rome fled. Take the snake path and appreciate the thrilling views of the hour long hike, or get whisked up to the top in 3 minutes with the cable car. Hike up at sunrise for true desert magic.

Sunrise in Masada

Dead Sea

This geological wonder is a must see in your Holy Land tour. Whether relaxing at the beach or seeking the medicinal properties of the mineral-rich mud and salt water, this spot 431 m below seawater is unique in the world. Spa treatments and resorts abound, as well as kibbutzes for those wishing to stay longer and enjoy communal living.

Sea of Galilee

Home of the most significant spots of Jesus’ ministry and acts such as feeding the multitudes (Luke 9:17) and walking on water (Matthew 14:22-36), holy sites dot the “sea”. This is really a lake, though one with excellent fishing (the occupation of several of Jesus’ disciples). Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth is located here, as well as incredible hikes (try the Kinneret Trail), Capernaum, the Jordan River, and Tiberias Hot Springs.

Haifa and Mount Carmel

This coastal range with the bustling city of Haifa nestled against it offers yet another facet to this fascinating land. Head to Hai-Bar in Mt. Carmel, a nature reserve with protected species. Visit the Famous Baha’i Gardens dedicated to the Baha’i faith. The cosmopolitan port city of Haifa is well worth a visit.

The Baha'i Gardens in Haifa from above
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