Milk Grotto Chapel in Bethlehem

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The Chapel of the Milk Grotto, also known as Grotto of Our Lady has become one of the most popular places for those who are going on Christian Holy Land tours around Bethlehem.

It is especially visited by those who are looking up to God to conceive.

The Chapel of the Milk Grotto is located at the West Bank area of the Palestine territories not far from the church of Nativity (the place where Jesus was born), and it was erected in 1872.

Why visiting the Milk Grotto on a Christian Holy Land Tour?

History has it that, during the journey of Mary and Joseph to Egypt as instructed by the angel(Mathew 2:13), when King Herod was carrying out the massacre on every newborn baby, they stopped by at the Grotto to feed their baby (Jesus).

Drops of milk from Mary’s breast fell on a red rock which became white in an instant and ever since then, the Grotto has become a sacred place.

This was due to the impact of the milk, which was believed to be righteous virgin milk, and since then new mothers and women go there to pray to God for fertility.

The Grotto also features the image of Mary popularly referred to as “Our Lady” breastfeeding Jesus, as well as the Marian shrine, and the monastery.

It is believed that mixing the white chalk present in the grotto with one’s food coupled with praying to mother Mary, will cure infertility problem.

It had become a place to turn to when people’s hope in doctors or science on fertility had been dashed, and over the years it has been serving this purpose based on the testimonies of those who have tried it out.

Also, brother Lawrence (an occupant of this building) had witnessed that over 4000 couples have benefited and earn fertility through this sacred milk Grotto.

The Milk Grotto Today

The Milk Grotto is now at present hour a Catholic Church which was established in 1872, replacing Byzantine church built there around the 5th century.

Coupled with this, the Milk Grotto also serves as the monastery of the sisters of perpetual Adoration of the Blessed sacrament which is attached to the Chapel.

The work of the monastery is to pray for peace to reign all over the world, and they have been doing this constantly since 2016.

The monastery features a variety of different crosses which symbolizes various Christian professions.

At the center, stands the monstrance which shows Madonna holding the Eucharist Christ in her hands and a terminable which depicts the image of Jesus surrounded by the twelve apostles and the twelve tribes of Israel.

Initially, the tabernacle was said to be donated to the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land by the Polish community “Queen of Peace” but was later moved the milk Grotto in 2016 to aid in their continual prayer for peace which they have never failed in doing till date.

Apart from the spiritual benefits attached to Milk Grotto, it is also a fantastic place to visit. Its scenic nature is a beauty to behold, and its serenity is what one would definitely want during a Christian Holy land tour.

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