Whether you visit the Holy Land as a part of a Pilgrimage or just a looking for some adventure, you can’t miss the churches in Jericho.

Jericho is a very ancient city and it attracts many visitors throughout the year, especially Christian pilgrims for its religious significance.

After all, it is here where our Lord Jesus was baptized.

Many other notable events that occurred in the city are related to the story of the Holy Family and their flight from King Herod the Great.

Also, in a nearby hill, the temptation of Jesus also occurred.

Thus, it’s natural that it is also the place of some unique Churches and Monasteries that commemorate those events and places.

Since you will be visiting Jericho, we recommend to the devoted Christians to perform a River Jordan Baptism ceremony – a spiritual experience you will never forget.

Holy Land VIP Tours offers you the opportunity to visit those churches in the following tours:

Therefore, we brought you those 4 best Churches in Jericho and its nearby area that we think you can’t miss during your visit to the Holy Land.

4 Churches in Jericho for your Christian Tour

    1. Qaser El Yahud

      Jordan Valley Region, close to Jericho

      Qaser el Yahud is a main Christian attraction in the region of Jericho and a must-see for Christian pilgrims.

      It is a sacred spot for Christians because it is the baptismal site of our Lord Jesus.

      At the place you will also find St. John the Baptist church overlooking the place. It is a very majestic church to visit. It is peaceful and nice to sit there and just feel the history of the important site.
    2. Monastery of Saint George

      Wadi Qelt

      The Greek Orthodox monastery of Saint George is a must-see attraction in the area of Jericho. Located in the scenic gorge of Wadi Qelt, the Monastery is carved into a cliff. The impressive exterior provide an austonishing view. Visiting the monastery is also very popular among hikers which hike this magnificent valley.

      In this article, you will find more information about this magnificent place.

    3. Mount of Temptation Monastery

      Mount of Temptation, near Jericho

      Another magnificent monastery to visit is the monastery on the temptation mount. The monastery is located on a hill overlooking the entire city of Jericho and the beautiful Jordan Valley. The mount is famous for being the place where Jesus was tempted by the devil.

      Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.” Matthew 4:8

      In order to reach the top, you will have to take the iconic cable car from Jericho’s Tell es-Sultan.

    4. Monastery of St. Gerasimus

      On the east side of road 90, Jericho

      This unique monastery and the last place in our list was founded by Saint Gerassiums of Jordan whose burial cave is nearby. The Monastery is also located near a cave where the Holy Family found refuge. It was during their flight from Herod the Great. Additionaly, there is an underground church that stands on the spot where the Holy Family have spent a night.