The Gardens of Gethsemane

The Gardens of Gethsemane(also known as Gat Shmaniam or ‘the oil press) is a beautiful garden located at the foot of the famous Mount of Olives.

It is the very same garden where Jesus’s Agony in the Garden had occurred and the place where he was arrested.

Visit one of the most sacred places in Jerusalem for Christians.

Some of the Olive trees in the garden are hundreds of years old.

Italien researchers had discovered in 2012, that several of the olive trees in the garden are amongst the oldest known to science.

The Name of the Garden derives from the Hebrew word Gat Shemen which literally means “Oil Press”.

According to Matthew 26:36, our Lord Jesus had spent his last night with his disciples in this Gardens, praying.

This event is known as the Agony in the Garden.

The Gardens of Gethsemane attracts many Christian Pilgrims for its religious significance.


Church of all Nations

At the area of the gardens, you will also find The Church of all Nations.

This magnificent Christian Basilica is also known as the Basilica of agony.

It commemorates the event of Christ’s Agony, which occurred in the area.

It was built by the famous Italien Architect, Antoni Barluzi. The famous architect combined both Islamic and Christian architectural style.

Such features include the beautiful domes on the sides and the roof of the Church and the Magnificent Christian Basilica at the front.

Many fellow Christian nations including the US and Western Europe had donated and contributed for the constructions of the Church.

This is also the reason for naming the place, the “Church of all Nations”.

Visit the Gardens of Gethsemane and the nearby Church of all nations in a Private Tour, led by one of our Christian Tour guide.

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