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Caesarean, which is often called the Caesarea Maritima, is located on the coast of Israel. It is on the direct line of the great road from Tyre to Egypt about almost perfectly placed between Joppa and Dora.

Caesarea is a magnificent site where astonishing ancient harbor ruins, beaches, and impressive modern residences can be found lying side by side. Caesarea is one of the best tourist spots not only in Israel but in the world.

Why Is Caesarea So Famous?

Caesarea is popular as well as significant as a result of its history. Originally, it was an ancient Herodian port city that rested on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. The site has undergone several modifications in recent times, which has played a major role in making it one of the best archeological sites in Israel today.

During the renovation, the amphitheater is restored, which now hosts modern-day concerts during seminar months. The old city is filled with a range of boutiques and restaurants. The new town of Caesarea is now a luxurious site with neighborhoods of villas with an amazing beach.

Places To Visit In Caesarea

There are several amazing places to see while visiting Cesarean. However, here are some notable locations that will make your trip worthwhile.

The Caesarea National Park:

We can say that the Caesarea national park is one of the most impressive archeological sites in Israel. It is a harbor that has been beautifully restored after it was first built by King Herod. It is indeed a work of engineering marvel.

The site has been a fascinating place to explore for several tourists and pilgrims who visit Caesarea. Its museum includes a great multimedia explanation of the origin and history of the port. During the summer, there are regular concerts of both international and local acts for everyone to witness.

The Harbour beach is located within the park, but visitors can gain access to the Harbor separately. It is a unique setting and has lots of superb facilities.

Underwater Museum

Caesarea is also home to a unique museum. It has the world’s only underground museum where visitors can see the ancient city’s underwater ruins. This is a good experience for pilgrims to have.

Other places worth mentioning

Just outside the national park, there is the Aquaduct by the beach, which is one of the best beaches you will find in Israel. It has an ancient aqueduct marking at the edge of the beach, which gives it a breathtaking look when observed up close.

Caesarea also has the Ralli Museum. It is one of the only four museums philanthropist Harry Recanati funded in the world. It has two galleries that focus on Latin American and Sephardic Jewish artworks. The museum is free to enter with several beautiful art pieces. If you’re a lover of art, you should pay it a visit.

Its Rich History

In the bible, we see Caesarea as the small ancient place called the Tower of Strato. However, it was destroyed and then rebuilt and strongly fortified by King Herod the Great. King Herod also formed the Harbor by constructing a vast breakwater. He then adorned the city with many stately buildings. The name Caesarea was given to this place honored by Agustus Caesar.

As detailed by Josephus Flavius, who was a Jewish historian, he described it as a walled city. But not like any regular city, this one had the largest harbor on the eastern Mediterranean coast. It is also the temple of the city dedicated to Augustus.

It was built on a high podium that faced the Harbor. A set of steps led from the pier to the temple. He also discovered that they erected elaborate entertainment facilities in Imperial tradition. King Herod’s place was also built on the eastern part of the city.

Caesarea became one of the most important cities in the middle east and became the capital of the  Roman Empire during the byzantine period in the middle east. The procurators were of provincial Judea and the headquarters of the 100th legion. The city then expanded and became one of the most important locations in the east of the Roman Empire. This earned it the classification of “The Metropolis of the Province  of Palaestina.”

In its early history, it was of great significance to Christian history. It was at Caesarea that the baptism of the Roman officer Cornelius happened. It was also in Caesarea that he was arrested and taken to Rome for trial.

Over time, it became a Christian center. The church father Eusebius was kind to found a Christian academy in the city. Until time passed and time unfolded. In the end, it was opened to the public.


Imagine the rich history an ancient city such as Caesarea carries. Imagine the thrill of the surrounding environment. No doubt it is a place every Christian should visit. With our help, we can get you to Caesarea from any state in the country. So what are you waiting for? Get your phone and dial our number today. Our representative, on the other side, is eager to answer your questions as well as all the information needed.

See you soon. 

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