Akko, also known to its locale as Acre, is a great place to visit and explore. It is located near the coast of the Mediterranean’s sea in the Coastal Plain region of Northern Israel. It is an amazing city filled with history and considered one of the oldest places in Israel. Also, it has a beautiful market and many restaurants with local cuisine.

Based on the 2018 population count, the city is home to 48,930 inhabitants, made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, the Bahais, and Druze, whereas 32 per cent of the population are Arabs.

Akko is a historic city with a walled port, dates as far back as Phoenician Period. For that, and more, it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Akko is also the holiest city of the Bahái Faith and receives many pilgrims every year. In the Bible, Akko was known to be a part of Judea in the Old Testament during the time of both King David and King Solomon.

The city is known for being actively involved in coastal trading. Thanks to its location near the Haifa bay, Akko has always been actively trading fresh merchandise and fish.

Akko- The Crusaders Capital in the Holy Land

Akko is an ancient, unique and multicultural city, on the point of rediscovery. Located within the town is the Crusader’s stronghold which was built during the 1100s and 1200s in the time of the Holy Crusade.

The crusader port city is being frequented by tourist and locals, thanks to its beautiful structure that provides an astonishing view. Also, another group of people that visit this fantastic city are the Knights- fully funded aristocrat adventurers known to come from different countries in Europe.

Crusader’s Fort

Within the crusader’s fort are lots of things that are worth mentioning. These include among others;

• The imposing vaulted rooms

• The vast stone structure that was built over hundreds of years and the different halls (such as the Hall of Columns, Knight Hall, Pillars hall and many more.)

• We also recommend the Crusaders fortress. Within this fortress is the prisoner’s Hall, which is an interesting part of the fort.

The underground city

Another place worth mentioning in Akko is the underground city. The underground city came about as a result of the restoration of the crusader city. This excavation was what led to the rebuilding of the crusader city as an underground structure.

The Old City market

The Old City market is a great little place to check out some local produce. The local market is very unique due to its variety of vendors and their produce. You can find almost everything there – aside from electronics. The market is a wonderful place to wonder around and eat some local dishes.

Near the market you can find the Turkish bath house, known as the Hammam. The Hammam is one of Akko’s historic gems. Today, it acts as a museum that shows the lifestyle of past generations. You can take a virtual guide there, to learn the history and customs of the period.