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Before a visit to the West Bank, some people might wonder what are the 5 best museums in Ramallah to include during their visit to the city.

Six Miles north of Jerusalem stands the Palestinian city of Ramallah, the administrative center of the State of Palestine.

Though sometimes overshadowed by its neighbor, the city of Ramallah is a home to some extraordinary art institutes and archaeological exhibits.

The city of Ramallah offer an interesting art scene, from extraordinary and unique street art to large museums dedicated to the Palestinian national heroes and poets.

Also, when visiting the area we recommend you to check our list for the best museums or best galleries in nearby Jerusalem.

Although its almost impossible to include all the best museums in Ramallah in one short list, we have managed to collect you what we believe to be the five museums you can’t miss when visiting Ramallah.

So, what are the 5 best museums in Ramallah?

1. The Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum is an independent institution that promotes an open and dynamic Palestinian culture, inside Palestine and worldwide.

The museum showcases the Palestinian view of the ongoing Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

Its exhibitions concentrate on the situation of the Israeli settlements and the demolition of their homes.

The museum is only 1 year old, contemporary architecture with attractive gardens.

A highly recommended place that gives an insight on the ongoing Israeli – Palestinian conflict from the other side of the fence.

The building is very sleek and beautifully designed.

In case you’re interested in the Palestinian culture, this is the best place to start from!

2. Yasser Arafat Museum

Arafat museum is the best place to learn more about the history of Palestine and understand the current situation, this museum is a must!

This modern museum provides magnificent exhibits on the history of the Palestinian struggle over the course of Yaseer Arafat’s life.

The museum also presents a stunning exhibition of the documents and Nobel prize medal of the late leader.

The museum is well-designed and organised so the visitors can go on their own without needing a tour guide.

It offers an interactive self guided tour with educational audios and videos.

Also, it offers a full summaries along the museum which assist the visitors to understand this period of history.

Definitely, a highly recommended place!

3. Dar Zahran Heritage Building

Dar Zahran Heritage Building is an Attractive and historic building with a unique history in the Old City of Ramallah.

For 250 years, this building has been the property of the Dar Zahran Jaghab family from Ramallah.

It served as a family home, guest chamber, and the place of residence of Ramallah” Mukhtar” (leader).

It includes an art gallery, a photo gallery of Ramallah from 1850 to 1979, a souvenir shop and also a Fair Trade corner selling authentic Palestinian food products, embroidery and jewelry.

Visit Dar Zahran to experience a journey through centuries of Arab Christian life in Palestine.

4. Mahmoud Darwish Museum

Atop a lovely Ramallah hilltop stands the Mahmoud Darwish Museum, dedicated to the Palestinian national poet and author Mahmoud Darwish.

The Mahmoud Darwish Museum is one of the cultural institutions in Palestine which took upon itself the task of contributing to the creation of the enlightened Palestinian cultural scene.

The poet reflects in his work the people’s continuing quest for a permanent homeland.

Additionally, the museum supports and grants sponsorship to a large number of cultural, artistic, and literary activities.

The reflecting pool, the flowered tomb, the well-maintained grounds and the whole complex itself provide the visitors with the chance to understand Darwish’s impact on the Palestinian 20th century odyssey and diaspora.

5. Street Art in Ramallah

When visiting Ramallah you should remember that Art is Everywhere!

As a result of the Arab Spring, the art scene in the streets of Ramallah has been changed greatly.

Those events inspired Palestinian artists to use city walls for creative political statements and address social taboos in Palestinian society.

The controversial wall, also known as the “Separation Wall” is the gathering point and a political stage for activists and artists from all over the globe to draw a beautiful and meaningful presentation of their beliefs and thoughts.

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