Before a visit to the Holy Land, some people might wonder what are the 5 best museums in Haifa to include during their visit to the city.

Ninety-six Miles north of Jerusalem, on the slopes of Mount Carmel, stands the ancient port city of Haifa.

Although tourists usually visit the city for its magnificent Baha’i Gardens, the city of Haifa is home to some unique museums.

The city of Haifa offers an interesting variety of museums: from large institutes of the art to much smaller excavations that specify on certain genres.

Although its almost impossible to include all the best museums in Ramallah in one short list, we have managed to collect you what we believe to be the five museums you can’t miss when visiting Ramallah.

So, what are the 5 best museums in Haifa?

1. Mada Tech – The Israel National Museum Of Science

Through its interactive exhibits and its Education Center, the Mada Tech Museum teaches a range of science concepts.

Among them, you will find excavations dedicated to mechanics, electricity, magnetism, optics, acoustics, robotics, aeronautics and communication.

An educational experience for the entire Family.

2. Haifa City Museum

Visit Haifa city Museum – a unique institute that celebrates the city’s rich cinematic past.

The museum was built within an old Templar Community House and was restored at the beginning of the new millennium.

Anybody can enjoy this museum, from film buffs to wide-eyed toddlers with no understanding of the cinematic legends.

The Haifa City Museum is located in the Haifa’s German Colony, nearby the famous Baha’i Gardens.

Therefore, missing this museum won’t be an easy job.

3. National Maritime Museum

For the maritime freaks among us, the following museum may seems like heaven on earth.

The National Maritime museum traces the history of seafaring and the development of shipbuilding in the Middle East.

The institute features exhibits and a rich collection of maritime mythology, Greco-Roman coins, stamps, modern seafaring, naval battles and special emphasis on Jewish seafaring.

4. Railway Museum

Located at the Haifa East railroad station, this museum traces the history of rail travel in Israel from 1892 to the present day.

The first part of the museum consists of an exhibition of old and modern railroad engineering and children will find it much more interesting.

The second part is an archives-museum that tells the story of Railways in Israel.

5. Hecht Museum in the University of Haifa

A significant contributor to the preservation of Israeli history, origins, and culture.

This lovely museum, hidden away in the Haifa University, is top-notch for those who are interested in the history of the Holy Land.

It is located in the administration tower of the University which is the highest point on Mount Carmel.

The museum covers the history of the Middle East and exhibits many archaeological artifacts.

It’s a unique and interesting museum although not known to many, and best of all, it’s totally free!

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