Jerusalem Old City

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The following tour package offers you the opportunity to discover Palestine (West Bank) and Jerusalem in 7 Days.

Explore the famous cities of Bethlehem, Nablus, Ramallah, and other historical sites. Follow the stories of the Bible and discover the Holy Land with a Private Christian tour guide.

We also included many special activities to enhance your experience. Discover the Geo-Political Situation in Jerusalem from an IDF officer, Dine with local Jewish and Arabic Families, have a culinary tasting tour of food, wine, and beer, and the list just goes on!

Most importantly, this package grants you the ability to discover both the Jewish and Arabic side of the Holy Land.

Note: All nights will be spent in Jerusalem.

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  • Begin the day with a visit to the Wailing Wall(The Kotel) and the Underground Tunnels.
  • Continue to the Temple Mount.
  • Visit Mount Olives.
  • Explore the Garden of Gethsemane and Church of All nations.
  • Discover the Church of St. Anne, entering the old city through Stephan’s (Lion) Gate.
  • Visit the City of David and Davidson center.
  • Visit Mount Zion, King Davids Tomb, and the Room of the Last Supper.
  • Begin the next day with a Geopolitical Tour of Jerusalem.
  • Walk the Jewish Quarter.
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Follow the footsteps of Christ in the Via Dolorosa.
  • Visit the famous Cardo in Jerusalem.
  • Discover the Armenian Quarter and visit the House of High Priest Caiaphas.
  • Begin the day with a visit to Israel National Museum.
  • Cross over to Palestine and visit the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of the Messiah.
  • Visit the Church of Nativity and Manger Square.
  • Visit the Shepherds Field.
  • Explore the Herodion National Park.
  • Discover the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.
  • The Russian Compound Church and Jaffa Street.
  • Jerusalem Tasting Tour in the iconic Machane Yehuda Market.
  • Visit Yad Vashem and Mount Hertzel.
  • Mea Shearim Experience.
  • Head to Nablus: Drive into the heart of Samaria starting with the Samaritan city visiting the Samaritan Centre on top of Mount Gerizim.
  • Descend the Mountain to visit Jacob’s well, Joseph’s Tomb, and Tell Balata.
  • Walk in the old city of Nablus (tasting the most delicious sweets).
  • Visit Mount Ebal – one of the highest peaks in the West Bank.
  • Visit Ramallah, the Capital city of Palestine: Including Yaseer Arafat Tomb, Darwish Museum, and the National Museum.
  • Continue to Rawabi, a modern new city with a reconstructed Roman Amphitheater!
  • Visit the Palestinian town of Taybeh, the Last town in Palestine with Christian Majority.
  • Conduct a Wine and Beer tasting tour in the Local Brewery and Winery of Taybeh.
  • Drive from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea and Jericho.
  • Stop for a visit to Wadi Qelt and Saint George Monastery.
  • Visit Jericho, the most ancient city in the world.
  • Ascend to the Mount of Temptation by the Cable car and visit the Greek Monastery on the top.
  • Visit Qumran Caves – Where the dead sea scrolls were found.

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Special Activities

geopolitical jeep ride

Geopolitical Jeep Ride

An off-road jeep ride, cruising throughout the land

Geopolitical Jeep Ride

Combine the adrenaline of a Jeep Ride, with a special view on the Geopolitical conflicts in the area

wine tasting tour

Wine tour

In the Holy Land's finest winery

Wine Tour

Take a Wine Tour to see the land of wine and cheese up close, and visit some of the country's most recognizable and impressive wineries

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Christian Israeli Palestinian dinner

Christian Palestinian dinner

An authentic dining experience

Christian Palestinian dinner

Explore the fullness of the local Palestinian cuisine in an authentic dining and hosting experience

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