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Discover the land of Samaria - the land of the ancient northern kingdom of Israel. Visit Mount Gerizim, Nablus and even have a glimpse of the Palestinian life in Jenin's refugee camp. This tour focuses on the history and the local story of the Holy Land. Here, you will learn many stories, new cultures, different views on what has shaped this land throughout time. A recommended tour for any History lover!

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  • Drive up to Mt Gerizim and visit the Samaritan village of Kiryat Luza located atop.
  • Pay a visit to Jacob’s well and the Orthodox Monastery.
  • Explore the ancient city of Nabulus.
  • Visit Jacob’s Tomb.
  • Learn about the Palestinian independence struggle during a tour in the famous Jenin refugee camp.

We begin the morning with a drive from Jerusalem towards the Israeli-Palestinian border. Our first station will be in the land of Samaria.

Samaria is the historical and biblical name of the central region of ancient Palestine.
We’ll start off with the Samaritan village on Mt. Gerizim. The mountain is sacred to the Samaritans who regard it as the location chosen by the lord for a holy temple, rather than Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.
The village is overlooking the ancient city of Nablus, the first capital of the northern Kingdom.
In addition, we will visit a Samaritan temple and learn about its history.

Later, we continue our tour to the ancient city of Nablus. The city has a large history stretching from the Roman era through to the Crusader, Mamluk, and Ottoman empires.

We will enjoy the local cuisine, specifically the ‘kanafeh’ – a delicious traditional dessert made with cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup. We will also visit the spice shops, soap factory and the Turkish Hamam (bath).

In addition, we will stop on the way out of Nablus is the ancient holy site of Joseph’s Tomb.
Both Jews, Muslims and Christians believe the site the burial place of the biblical patriarch Joseph son of Jacob.

Finally, after enjoying lunch, we will travel north to Jenin Refugee camp, our last stop in our Jenin and Nablus tour.
Jenin is a place offering a glimpse into the struggle of the Palestinian people towards independence.
Before departing, you will have free time to walk through the bustling Jenin markets, a genuine local marketplace with local products.

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