Whether you visit the Holy Land as a part of a Pilgrimage or just a looking for some adventure, the churches in the area of Bethlehem is a must-see.

The Palestinian city of Bethlehem attracts many Christian pilgrims throughout the year as it is the birthplace of Christ.

Many events that are related to the Nativity of Jesus occurred at Bethlehem, including the Annunciation to the shepherds, The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the birth of Christ.

Thus, it’s natural that it is also the place of some unique churches that commemorate those events and places.

We also recommend you to consider visiting some of the churches as a part of an organized or Private tour.

This is because many of the churches mentioned in this list have a very limited visitation time.

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Therefore, we brought you those 5 best Churches in Bethelhem and its nearby area that we think you can’t miss during your visit to the Holy Land.

5 Churches in Bethlehem for your Christian Tour

  1. The Church of Nativity

    Manger SquareBethlehem

    The church of Nativity, also known as “the Christmas Church”, is a must-see Orthodox church in Bethlehem. It is built atop of a crypt, where our Lord Jesus was born. This is also the oldest Church in the Holy Land and still in use to this day. This is one of the must-visit churches in Bethlehem, esecpesially for fellow Christians pilgrims.

  2. Church of the Milk Grotto

    Close to Manger SquareBethlehem
    With only few minutes of walking away of the Church of Nativiy, you will find a special chapel. The Chapel of the Milk Grotto, commenly known just as the “Milk Grotto”, was built in 1872 at the place where the Holy virgin nursed the Son of God. The have fled to that cave after the event known as the Massacre of the innocents. The Name of the church is derived from the story that a “drop of milk” of the holy virgin fell on the floow of the cave, which changed its color to white.
  3. The Church of St. Catherine

    Church of Saint Catherine

    Manger SquareBethlehem

    The Church of St. Catherine, built in adjacent to the Church of Nativity, is the Catholic version of the Christmas church. Its magnificent stained glasses and Large organ provides an austonishing atmosphere. It serves as place for the Latin celebrations of midnight mass and Christmas eve. A must-visit church, esepecialy for Catholics.

  4. Chapel of the Sheperd’s field

     Beit Sahur, southeast of Bethlehem

    The Chapel of the Sheperd’s field, built by the Franciscans in 1953, marks the place where the angels first announced the birth of Christ. Decorated with images of the Sheperd’s annuciation and Jesus’s Childhood, the Chapel has a unique atmosphere which provide unforgatable spiritual experience for the Christian visitor. The present Church stands near the site of the ruiens of aniceint monastrey.

  5. Rachel’s Tomb

    Close to the Israeli West Bank barrier, Bethlehem
    Finally, we reach our last church for this list, and while its not exacatly a church, this is a site of religious significance for the three Abrahamic religions. Rachel’s tomb is the burial place of the maternial Rachel and therfore holy for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. Notably, the place serves as a pilgrim site for women who come there to pray for wealth and Health. The site has very strict rules regarding visitors and therfore, taking a guided tour to place is recommended. Nevertheless, Rachel’s Tomb earn its place on the list for the best Churches in Bethlehem, and we recommend all visitors to the Holy Land to pay it a visit.